33. Title Page of Serpilius' Pluviae Pentecostalis

34. Colophon of Item 33

Johann Serpilius Secundus' Pluviae Pentecostalis; Leutschaw (Löcse): L. Brewer, 1642. He was born in Lubice in 1564, he was rector and deacon there after he completed his studies. Later he was a preacher in Nalepkovo, and in 1599 he became minister at Lubice.In 1635 he was accused of Cryptocalvinism, but in spite of his successful defense against the charge, he was imprisoned. He was released after six weeks but forced to live in seclusion. His Confessio fidei suae contains his defense. He died of the plague in 1644 in poverty. See more details here. Translated from Slovak by Andrew Lass. Note also that L. Brewer (1625-1644) was one of the distinguished German printers who flocked to Eastern regions in the 17th century. For more on German printers, see more material.

Nizhni Novgorod [0880].

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