24. Page 239a of Balbin's Miscellanea: Excerpta

25. Page 243 Balbin's Miscellanea

The left hand image is p. 239a of Bohuslav Ludvík Alois Balbin z Orlicne's Miscellanea: Excerpta, 1681. (Nizhni Novgorod 1303, XX.) Balbin was a Bohemian Jesuit, who was an important scholar and philologist, and who defended the literary value of the Czech language. He is the author of 32 printed works; his most important work is Miscellanea historica regni Bohemiae (1699); he also wrote Dissertatio apologetica pro lingua Slavonica praecipue Bohemica, 1661-1672, and Verisimilia humaniorum disciplinarum , 1666.

The right hand image is p. 243 of Balbin's Miscellanea...

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