61. Title page of Czeglédi István's Ezechiel felesége

62. Colophon of item 61

Title page and colophon of Czeglédi István's Ezechiel felesége; Kassa (Košice): D. Türsch, 1666. Czeglédi (1620-1671) was a Calvinist clergyman. He had studied in Debrecen and Sárospatak as well as in Utrecht and Leuven. He returned to Hungary in 1647 and functioned as a clergyman in several cities, including Kassa. He was implicated in the Wesselényi conspiracy against the Hapsburgs. His assets were confiscated, he was tortured and was summoned to Pozsony (Bratislava). He died en route.

Nizhni Novgorod [0267].

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