1. Incipit of Bruni's "Attile"

2. Page 2 of Bruni's "Attile"

Images 1 through 5 are from Leonardo Bruni's ""Leonardo Aretanus in vitam et Mortem Attile regis Ungariae." A 15th century ms, 12 pages long. Bruni (1369-1444) was an Italian humanist who is best known for his twelve volume history of Florence, "Historiarium Florentinarum Libri XII." Other works include "Commentarius Rerum Suo Tempore Gestarum"; "De Romae Origine"; "De Bello Italico adversus Gothos"; and ten volumes of letters, "Epistolae Familiares." See more on Leonardo Bruni.

3. Page 3 of Bruni's "Attile"

4. Page 5 of Bruni's "Attile"

The legend Codex Kazinczianus refers to the fact that Franciscus Kazinczy was a wealthy Calvinist who had acquired many of the manuscripts in the Nizhny Novgorod library and donated them to the Sárospatak Reformed College before his death in 1806.

5. Page 12 (explicit) of Bruni's "Attile"

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The left hand image (No. 5) is page 12 of Bruni's "Attile".
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